New Illustrations for Country Living Magazine - in the making

I have just completed my latest illustrations for Country Living Magazine which this month is all about Bardsey Island. I thought it would be interesting for people to see some of the making that goes into the production of my prints. I use a combination of vinyl and silkscreen printing, below is a brief pictorial guide of my working method. 

  • 1 The brief and research work 
  •  2 Getting ideas down on paper
  •  3 Drawing directly on to vinyl using a permanent ink pen 
  • 4 Cutting the blocks
  • 5 Cutting and proofing the key block 
  • 6 Key blocks printed onto paper the same size and in the same position as the finished image. This is then used to register each colour.
  • 7 Each colour for the background is cut from a different piece of paper and printed separately . 
  • 8 Once all the colours have been printed the key block is printed over the top of the colours 








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